Privacy Policy of FloCareer

The FloCareer is a Skills Validation Platform with various components including but not limited to video and telephonic interview platform, online assessments, and applicants tracking system for the purpose of applying for an open position in a hiring company.

We really, truly care about your privacy and we collect information in the following two ways –

Information we get from your use of the network.

Your web browser tells us stuff like your approximate location and how you use the site. Information we get from your use of the network is primarily non-personally-identifying information of the sort that web browsers, servers, and services like Google Analytics typically make available, such as the browser type, language preference, referring site, and the time of each visit. Other non-identifying information that we might have access to includes how you use the service (e.g., search queries), your approximate location, cookies, etc.

Your browser also gives us your IP address, which could identify you, but we don’t use it to do that. When you use the network, we also collect potentially personally identifying information in the form of Internet Protocol (IP) addresses. But we don’t use that information to identify you, and we handle and disclose these addresses in the same way we handle other potentially personally identifying information as described below.

Information you provide to us directly.

We receive your information primarily through resume provided to us by HR of the company where you applied or you directly uploading your resume or provide profile information on FloCareer. This includes contact information and other career related personal information such as educational background, work history, work preferences and such. In most common cases, you will access our Video Interview platform using a secure web link, and you will not set a password on our platform. In case, if you set password on our platform, we never disclose your password with anyone.  We would record your Video or Telephonic interview on our platform. Your recorded interview as well as comments provided by the interviewer will be shared with the HR or other corporate users who invited you on our platform to conduct interview. Your information is also disclosed partially to interviewers on our platform.  Interviewers will contact you only through our platform for telephonic or video interview if you are preselected for certain job opening where you have explicitly shown interest either through our platform or offline.  Your personal information will not be shared with any other JobSeeker or other people having any other roles apart from Corporate Users and Interviewers without your explicit consent.

Allowing FloCareer to call you on your registered phone number

You allow FloCareer and FloCareer communication partners to call your registered mobile number for the purpose of conducting Interviews, even if you have registered your mobile phone number in the national “Do Not Disturb” (DND) registry.

Your right to be forgotten

FloCareer honors your “Right to be Forgotten” from the platform. If you choose to remove your personally idenntifiable data from the FloCareer platform, please send an email to gdpr@flocareer.com. Your personally identifiable data, including but not limited to your resume, recording of your interviews etc. would be permenantly deleted from all live and backup data from FloCareer platform within 15 days from the date of receiving your request. Hiring company may have downloaded your resume and interview report; FloCareer does not guarantee deletion of your data from hiring company’s network and servers. You are advised to separately send request to the recruiter or HR person from hiring company that you are in touch with.

If we change this policy. The most current version will always be on this page.