Leverage our partner ecosystem to Boost Hiring and Onboard Ideal Candidates Swiftly, Benefiting both Client and Partner.

We have a comprehensive partner roster covering all aspects of talent acquisition that can seamlessly expand your HR capability and communication channels for a fast-moving end-to-end hiring solution.



FloCareer’s Interview as a Service Platform is designed to integrate seamlessly with a variety of applicant tracking systems (ATS) and human resource management systems (HRMS). By leveraging these integrations, our clients can streamline their hiring process, reduce administrative tasks, and enhance their candidate experience.

Benefits of Utilizing an Integrated ATS/HRMS:

By integrating with an ATS/HRMS, candidate data can be automatically transferred from the recruiting platform to the HR system, reducing manual data entry and administrative tasks.

Integrations with ATS/HRMS can help automate candidate communication, including interview scheduling and follow-up, ensuring timely and effective communication throughout the hiring process.

By integrating with ATS/HRMS, candidate data can be consolidated and better reporting and analytics can be enabled, which will provide greater visibility into hiring metrics and trends.

By leveraging integrations with ATS/HRMS, candidates can enjoy a seamless hiring process that is easy to navigate and efficient, enhancing their overall experience with the company.


Let’s face it, finding the best candidates can be a challenge. Whether your need is to increase the diversity of your talent pool,  AI enhanced candidate matching, or international remote tech workers, we’ve got you covered.


Our assessment partners enable you to create automated coding tests and qualify candidates quickly and effortlessly. Integrated with FloCareer, you can move selected candidates from approved status to interview scheduled with just a few clicks.

Remote Payments

Are you looking to expand globally, but don’t have a presence in-country. Our partner can ensure compliance with all local laws and get employees paid on-time in their currency of choice.  And best, you can submit a job offer, right through the FloCareer platform.

Candidate Verification

Often candidates may not be who they say they are. Our partners can help us to verify their identities and backgrounds. Streamline candidate validation with real-time data as part of our interview or provide a fast, equitable background check with your selects – whatever you need.

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