Interactive live video interview platform for unbiased, proctored & structured interviews

FloCareer's interview platform streamlines the entire hiring process, providing a hassle-free and more efficient way to schedule, conduct and evaluate interviews. Say goodbye to traditional hiring and hello to top-notch candidates. Improve time to hire.

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Interview as a service platform

FloCareer simplifies hiring for companies seeking top talent. Our AI-powered tools optimize the interview process for recruiters and candidates, offering customizable interview structures and candidate-focused auto-scheduling. We provide high-quality video interviews for higher precision and validity, with flexible scheduling options for both parties.

Enhance Your Hiring Process with Interview Structure

Simplify your interviews and find top candidates with our Interview-platform. Our experienced interviewers work with hiring managers to create a customized, structured interview process.

Access 50,000+ skills-based, scenario-focused questions covering 250+ skills and proficiency levels.

We regularly update questions to ensure relevant and current evaluations, retiring and replacing popular questions with data-backed techniques for efficient assessment of candidates’ skills and expertise.

Interview questions are unbiased and skills-based, resulting in a strong DEI orientation that enables us to select the best candidates. Our interviewers receive specialized DEI training and attend webinars to promote inclusivity and minimize bias in interviews.

An efficient solution for evaluating skills

FloCareer offers an efficient platform to evaluate job seekers’ skills using innovative technology. It simplifies recruitment and offers:

Tailored to your organization’s needs, our customizable evaluations cover a range of technical and soft skills including coding, data analysis, communication, and problem-solving.

Integrating with popular recruitment platforms and tools, the software offers scheduling and coordination tools, candidate management tools, and reporting and analytics tools.

The recruitment process includes guidance in setting up evaluations, conducting interviews, interpreting results, and making hiring decisions throughout.

By providing insights into candidates’ strengths, weaknesses, and areas for improvement, you can make informed hiring decisions and guide further training and development.

By enabling quick and easy evaluation of candidates, improved efficiency and accuracy can be achieved, leading to savings in time and resources.

The ability to customize evaluations according to your organization’s unique requirements offers flexibility.

Our 4000+ Global FloExperts conduct top-notch interviews

FloCareer leverages a community of over 4000 senior technical experts from around the world who work as freelancers to conduct interviews on our live interview platform. These interviewers possess a wealth of technical knowledge and industry experience, enabling them to conduct insightful and effective interviews that help businesses hire the right talent.

Enhancing Candidate Experience

Our interview platform offers an interactive and innovative experience for candidates. Some important aspects of our platform include

At FloCareer, we offer an automated scheduling tool that simplifies the interview process for clients and candidates. Our tool provides reminders via SMS, phone, email, or WhatsApp, making it easier for candidates to find a suitable time that works for them. With our scheduling tool, clients no longer have to worry about coordinating schedules – we take care of it all, reducing the coordination hassles.

Enhancing the interview experience and making it more engaging, candidates can directly communicate with interviewers via email and messaging.

Interviewers use various techniques to evaluate candidates, providing them with an opportunity to showcase their skills and experience.

Our platform is designed to help candidates learn and improve. We provide detailed feedback that highlights their strengths, weaknesses, and areas for improvement.

We take pride in achieving a 94%+ satisfaction rate from candidates in our post-interview surveys, ensuring a positive candidate experience.

Interview Quality

FloCareer’s interview quality services have been carefully designed to help businesses make the most informed hiring decisions. 

We ensure fairness in the selection process by conducting randomized auto and manual audits.

Our interviews are monitored by a dedicated quality team to maintain the highest standards.

We have a dedicated community management team that provides training and engagement to all interviewers to ensure the best outcomes.

Our interviewers are scored using behavioral and process scores to ensure consistency and quality.

Our continuous quality improvement initiatives have consistently garnered an outstanding rating from 91%+ of candidates over the past 18 months.

Benefits of using Interview platform

FloCareer automates manual interview-related tasks, such as scheduling and evaluation, saving time for recruiters and hiring managers and streamlining the process.
FloCareer's AI-powered tools enhance interview efficiency by identifying the top candidates for recruiters and delivering personalized coaching to candidates.
Enhanced Candidate
Our solution prioritizes candidate experience, improving the interview process efficiency and attracting top talent to your organization.
A cost-effective way to conduct high-quality interviews without the need for expensive recruiting software or in-house resources.
Access to
Top Talent
Recruiters can identify top-tier talent and gain a hiring edge with customizable interview structures and candidate-focused auto-scheduling features.
FloCareer ensures consistent messaging and branding for brands during the interview process, showcasing their true potential.
Scalable Platform making it suitable for businesses of all sizes, including startups, enterprises, and recruiting agencies.
24/7 Customer
FloCareer offers 24/7 customer support via email, chat, and call, ensuring that our clients can receive assistance whenever they need it.

Cutting-Edge Technology

FloCareer uses cutting-edge tech to offer innovative interview services and advanced tools for seamless brand hiring experiences for both recruiters and candidates


FloCareer leverages automation to streamline recruitment processes, such as candidate screening and interview scheduling, saving time and resources for recruiters.

Fraud Detection

FloCareer uses fraud detection technology including voice biometrics, lip-sync analysis, auditing, and other crucial aspects to ensure the validity and authenticity of candidate resumes and video interviews, reducing the risk of hiring fraudulent candidates.

Artificial Intelligence (AI)

FloCareer optimizes the recruitment process using AI-powered tools for efficient and effective interview structuring and evaluation, benefiting both recruiters and candidates.

JD to CV Match

FloCareer’s platform matches job descriptions with candidate resumes using advanced algorithms, presenting only the most relevant candidates to recruiters.

The missing piece to your
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Conduct Interviews Intelligently
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FloCareer’s interview as a service platform offers a stress-free hiring experience
with its innovative AI-powered tools and experienced interviewers.

Interview Structuring
Experience seamless interview structuring with FloCareer's product page, offering customizable interviews, automated scheduling, candidate follow-up, communication, and video integration for a streamlined and efficient hiring process.
Elevate your technical assessments with FloCareer's interactive coding feature, enabling real-time coding challenges and evaluation to identify top talent and assess coding proficiency effectively.
Ensure integrity and fairness in assessments with FloCareer's proctoring capabilities, including whiteboarding, screen sharing, recording, and fraud detection measures, providing a secure and trustworthy environment for online assessments.
Gain valuable insights with FloCareer's comprehensive feedback reports, featuring video recordings, custom branding, and detailed assessments, empowering informed decision-making and enhancing employer branding.
Boost productivity and efficiency through automation with FloCareer's product page, automating various aspects of the hiring process, saving time and resources while ensuring a seamless experience for recruiters and candidates.
Customisable Dashboards
Tailor your hiring analytics and monitoring with FloCareer's customisable dashboards, offering real-time data visualization and actionable insights, allowing you to track key metrics and make data-driven decisions for optimizing your recruitment strategy.

Experience the future of interviewing with FloCareer's Interview-as-a-Service platform

Discover how our innovative technology can transform your hiring process. Streamline your interviews and find top talent faster!