Checkout the below list of Frequently asked questions for a glance on our Platform

  • What are the charges for the interviews?
    We have two models available:
    1. Pay as you go -- you pay on a per-interview basis
    2. Quarterly or Annual Subscription

    Most of our new customers start with "Pay as you go" model and convert to the subscription once they are happy with our offerings.
    Contact us for more details, and we will be happy to understand your requirements and give the best service for your money. You can reach us at +91 82969 64351 or +1-408-905-1379.
  • How do I contact FloCareer Support?
    Email: sales@flocareer.com
    Call: +1 408 905 1379 or +91 90713 07066

    In case of any technical glitches/issues, please email interviews@flocareer.com
    OR US Support Number: +1 317-593-9960
  • How much internet connection speed is required for video interview?
    Please make sure that your internet connection has a minimum speed of 540 kbps. It is required for the video stream to get transmitted.

    It is recommended that you check your internet speed before you enter your interview room. If you are getting slow speed, then consider reducing other internet usage so that you can get the maximum speed on the device you are using for the interview.
  • What is Interview-as-a-Service?
    "Interview is a Service" means outsourcing your first few rounds of in-depth technical interviews to industry experts. These experts ensure that your in-house hiring team only deals with a small subset of highly qualified job seekers, increasing your conversion from interview to job offers.

    Two main reasons companies opt for Interview-as-a-Service solutions are:
    1. Cost Savings
    2. Faster Hiring Process
  • What are the Webcam and microphone settings?
    For a video interview, you would be required to enable the webcam and microphone on your device. Please follow the standard procedure given for the device you own. Without these permissions, a video interview will not be possible.

    Should you have any doubts or concerns, please get in touch with Flo Support:
    Email: interviews@flocareer.com
    OR US Support Number: +1 707 706 9090
  • How are you different form Skype or Zoom or WebEx?
    Video conferencing platforms like WebEx, Zoom, Skype are good for online meetings, video chat, or video conferencing. However, they are NOT designed specifically around interviews.

    FloCareer platform provides a lot of unique features on top of just video conferencing:
    • Interview structuring
    • Fraud detection
    • Employer branding
    • Anonymity of job seekers and interviewers
    • Coding/scenario-based questions and whiteboarding
    • Proper interview feedback preservation and data-driven approach
    • GDPR compliance
    • Integration with your ATS
    • And many more...
  • My video interview got disconnected during interview! What should I do next?
    Click on the call button again to initiate the call
    OR Reload the page by pressing Ctrl + Shift + R
    OR Use the interview URL sent over email.
  • How can I trust freelancers for my interviews? How do you maintain quality of your interviewers?
    Quality of interviewers and interviews is of utmost importance for us.

    We maintain quality at every stage of our process:
    1. Our interviewers are interviewed by existing interviewers.
    2. We have ongoing training for our interviewers to hone their interviewing skills.
    3. Our rich and vibrant private forum of interviewers motivates them and keeps them engaged with the latest and greatest questions, including what are the ideal answers and how to grade candidates.
    4. We maintain KPIs on a per-interviewer basis on how they enable hiring companies to screen candidates.
  • What tool or software is required to attend video interview?
    You DO NOT require any other software like Skype, Zoom, GoToMeeting, etc., to join the interview room.
    FloCareer platform has in-built video capability, which will be used for your interview. Please follow the steps mentioned in the scheduled meeting invite.
  • Why should I outsource interviews?
    People are the most important asset of any organization. Employees are hired to work on their core deliverables. For growing companies, unfortunately, a lot of time is spent by the hiring team in initial few rounds of interviews. FloCareer platform and services enable hiring teams of the organization to focus on their core and only deal with a subset of qualified leads. Apart from that, FloCareer platform provides many other critical benefits such as faster turnaround time, better employer branding, data-driven approach in hiring, standardizing interview process, auto-scheduling, and auto-cancellation of interviews, and much more.

    In short, three key reasons our customers outsource their interviews to us are:
    1. Cost Savings
    2. Faster Turn-Around-Time
    3. Employer Branding
  • What is the next step once my interview is done?
    Once your interview is done, your detailed interview report with interview video/audio will be available to the hiring company. Based upon their selection criteria, they will get in touch with you on your preferred mode of communication.

    FloCareer, which is an interview as-a-service company, doesn't have any role in it. Should you have any queries about the next step, please get in touch with the HR/TA person from the hiring company who was in touch with you.
  • How to reschedule/cancel interviews
    FloCareer appreciates your commitments to several other important matters due to which sometimes you may have to reshuffle your plans.

    For rescheduling, please open your interview meeting schedule email and check for CONFIRM OR RESCHEDULE link.

    Please note: Rescheduling the interview may affect your chances to get the job, as most of the time, these job opportunities are time-bound, and every employer wants to hire as soon as possible.
  • Apart from Interview as a Service, what other services do you provide?
    In addition to the Interview as a Service solution, FloCareer has a complete HR Tech solution including the following:

    Video Interview Platform: Let your in-house team conduct interviews on our state-of-the-art Video Interview platform and become much more data-driven in hiring.
    Automated (bot-based) Video Interviews: These are ideal for initial screening, virtual campus drives for freshers, or semi-skilled job roles. You can completely customize your interviews.
    Applicant Tracking System: An ATS that is uniquely integrated with Skills Validation of Job Seekers.
    Recruiters Management System: If you are dealing with multiple sourcing vendors, our ATS is integrated with Recruiters Management System where you can assign different job openings to different vendors and de-duplicate job seeker profiles in a fair manner.
  • Why I cannot see the interviewer?
    In one-way interviews, the interviewer’s video is not shared intentionally as they have chosen to remain anonymous. FloCareer provides interview as a service through the services of freelancers and part-timers.
  • What is the next step once my interview is done?
    Once your interview is done, your detailed interview report with interview video/audio will be available to the hiring company. Based upon their selection criteria, they will get in touch with you on your preferred mode of communication.
    FloCareer which is an interview as-a-service company doesn't have any role in it. Should you have any query about the next step, please get in touch with the HR/TA person from hiring company who was in touch with you..
  • Can I use FloCareer platform for my in-house interviews?
    Yes - you can use FloCareer as a platform and have your hiring team use it in the "You Source, You Interview" model.

    Many FloCareer customers are using the platform in this mode to reap the following benefits:
    • Uberization of interviews: Auto scheduling and distribution of interview workload among the in-house team
    • Auto cancellation of Video Interviews to save precious time of your hiring team
    • Standardization of interviews: No matter who takes the interview, certain base skills assessments are covered
    • Various KPIs measured for in-house interviewers and against sourcing channels to identify the most efficient end-to-end hiring channel
    • Proper reporting, and preserving video recordings
  • What are the supported OS and browsers
    Chrome on Android/Windows/iMac devices
    Safari on iPhone and iMac

    Please note – Chrome browser on mobile iOS doesn’t support video streaming, so avoid using it for your video interviews.
  • Do you guys place candidates?
    We are an "Interview as a Service" company. We ourselves don't do sourcing and placement - because most of our clients see that as a conflict of interest -- we ourselves source candidates and interview them.

    However, we do work with other sourcing agencies or your own sourcing agencies and provide you an end-to-end solution with a single point of contact.
  • Can you integrate your services with my ATS?
    FloCareer uses industry-standard web APIs to integrate our services with external ATS and HRMS. Many of our clients are using our services in this mode. FloPlatform is already integrated with SaaS-based Applicant Tracking Systems such as Smart Recruiters, BreezyHR, and others.
  • What If I need more information about the job opportunity or hiring company?
    Please contact the HR or Talent Acquisition person in touch with you. They will be able to help you with the required information. FloCareer is an interview service provider only.
  • What is recommended video interview set up and how should I dress up?
    Dress up in professional attire. Treat a video interview nothing less than an in-person interview.
    You must have a clear background. Your video would be seen by hiring managers and/or clients of your hiring organization.
    Be in a quiet and well-lit place so that you can be heard and seen properly during the interview and later in the video.
  • Can I customize my interviews?
    Absolutely! FloCareer platform has tools to slice and dice your Job Description and come up with a crisp Skills Matrix. The interview questions are prepared based on these requirements, and as a hiring company, you have a say on that. We have various tools available on our platform to encourage communication among our interviewers and your hiring team to make sure that our interviewers work as an extended team of your in-house team.
    Your hiring team can review the questions and contribute to the pool of questions if they wish so.
  • Is FloCareer platform secure?
    At FloCareer, we take data and content security and users' privacy very seriously.
    FloCareer platform is GDPR compliant. We conduct routine vulnerability and penetration tests with the help of external parties.
    FloCareer uses HTTPS to transfer any data to and from the server to any end-user. Data is secured in the AWS cloud with the latest cloud technology. We implement all information security best practices. Your candidate data and interview details are not shared with any other client on the platform.