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FloCareer is an Interview as a Service (IaaS) platform that simplifies candidate selection. Our cutting-edge hiring tools help brands quickly select top candidates from their pool of highly qualified talent. We conduct the candidate’s interview with our team of 4,000+ global interview experts utilizing our library of over 50,000+ skills-based interview questions.

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Hiring the right candidates is a critical component of any business’s success. However, traditional hiring processes can be time-consuming, expensive, and often yield suboptimal results. Fortunately, FloCareer offers innovative solutions that can revolutionize your recruitment strategy.

Automated scheduling:

Easily schedule interviews with FloCareer’s Automated Scheduling tool. Our solution simplifies the process, saving brands time and hassle.

Hiring teams can set up a pre-determined list of interview time slots to choose from, eliminating the need for back-and-forth emails or calls to coordinate schedules.

Candidates can choose an interview slot that works for them, without the need for any additional coordination.

FloCareer’s scheduling tool provides automated reminders to both the candidate and hiring team, reducing the likelihood of missed interviews and keeping the process moving forward.

FloCareer’s scheduling tool automatically manages time zone differences, ensuring that interview times are scheduled accurately for candidates in different locations.

The scheduling tool can be integrated with popular calendar applications, such as Google Calendar, making it easy to manage scheduling within existing workflows.

Interviewing and evaluation:

Make hiring easy with our tailored interview and evaluation tools. Get a comprehensive view of each candidate’s strengths and weaknesses with our range of assessments tied to the interview question all customized to meet your specific needs.

Our integrated video and coding assessment platform combines the initial stages of candidate evaluation, saving time and resources for hiring managers to focus on core work.

We customize our interview structures to each client’s specific needs, ensuring that they are tailored to the organization’s job description and priorities.

Our Video platform is browser based, making it easy for interviewers to access candidates remotely, 24x7x365

Our evaluation tools provide objective data that helps hiring managers make informed hiring decisions based on objective data rather than subjective impressions. The interview structure is matched to the job description and pulls from our library of 50,000+ skill-based interview questions. Each question is graded along a 5 point scale, ensuring consistency.

Our team has expertise in a variety of industries and job functions, allowing us to provide customized evaluation tools for various job roles.

JD to CV Match

Our platform uses advanced algorithms to match job descriptions with candidate resumes, simplifying the hiring process and saving you time. Find the perfect candidate quickly and easily with JD to CV Match.

Our platform utilizes sophisticated algorithms to match job descriptions with candidate resumes, evaluating factors like education, work experience, and skills. This results in precise, streamlined, and effective matching.

No more tedious manual screening of resumes. With our platform, resumes can be screened quickly and efficiently, saving time and effort for HR/TA teams

JD to CV Match technology generates accurate matching scores for each resume based on the job description, ensuring that only the most relevant candidates are shortlisted.

Eliminating irrelevant resumes reduces the number of resumes that need to be manually screened, freeing up time for HR/TA teams to focus on other aspects of the hiring process.

Interview and Management

FloCareer’s features streamline hiring, attracting and retaining top talent with ease. Our all-in-one solutions offer comprehensive support, empowering you to make the best decisions quickly and efficiently.

Manage candidate data, resumes, and feedback easily through our centralized database and communication platform.

Our platform offers a structured, unbiased interview process using questionnaires to identify the most qualified candidates, enabling you to make better hiring decisions.

FloCareer’s automated scheduling saves time and simplifies the process of scheduling interviews based on candidate and interviewer availability.

Our platform offers a video interviewing option that saves time and resources, allowing interviews with candidates from anywhere at any time.

Gain valuable insights into your hiring process through real-time data tracking of candidate progress, time-to-hire, and other metrics to optimize your strategy.

With FloCareer, you can reduce the time and effort involved in the audit/review process while ensuring that you’re making data-driven hiring decisions based on the most qualified candidates.

Custom Branding

Effective branding is essential to your organization’s identity, and FloCareer’s Custom Branding feature highlights your potential by delivering consistent messaging that resonates with your target audience.

FloCareer provides customized branding to ensure that your organization’s unique brand identity is reflected throughout the platform. From your company logo to the color scheme, we can tailor everything to match your brand’s visual aesthetic.

Our recruitment solutions are designed to be flexible, allowing you to customize them according to your needs. You can create customized workflows that fit your brand’s recruitment process, whether it’s for volume hiring or specialized roles.

Our customizable workflows prioritize the candidate experience, ensuring that candidates have a positive experience throughout the recruitment process. You can customize communication templates, provide feedback to candidates, and ensure a smooth onboarding process.

Our 4000+ Global FloExperts conduct top-notch interviews

FloCareer leverages a community of over 4000 senior technical experts from around the world who work as freelancers to conduct interviews on our live interview platform. These interviewers possess a wealth of technical knowledge and industry experience, enabling them to conduct insightful and effective interviews that help businesses hire the right talent.

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FloCareer Delivers consistent, quick, unbiased, skills-based interviews

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Talent Acquisition

FloCareer’s recruitment platform streamlines hiring, provides access to qualified candidates, and achieves higher hiring velocity for brands.


With advanced technology, FloCareer automates resume screening, interview scheduling, and candidate communication tasks. This results in reduced time-to-hire and allows brands to fill job openings faster, gaining a competitive advantage in the job market.

Candidate Experience

With a user-friendly interface, candidates can easily navigate the application process, upload their resumes, and apply for jobs. This leads to higher satisfaction rates and a stronger employer brand reputation.

Hiring Bias

Structured interviews eliminate unconscious bias and increase workplace diversity by evaluating candidates solely based on their skills and qualifications.


Innovative hiring solutions save brands money by reducing recruitment costs, minimizing time-to-hire, and streamlining the hiring process.

Hiring Decisions

With our comprehensive interview reports, you can make informed and confident hiring decisions based on candidate performance and fit.

Interview Video

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Interviewer Community

Discover the power of FloCareer’s vast and diverse community of expert interviewers, covering a wide range of tech and non-tech skills, providing you with the largest and most comprehensive pool of vetted interviewers available.

and Quality

Experience unmatched consistency and superior quality in your interview process with FloCareer, ensuring standardized and reliable assessments that yield accurate and reliable results.

Largest Question

Access the largest question library offered by FloCareer, equipping you with an extensive repository of interview questions that cater to various domains and roles, ensuring thorough coverage for comprehensive evaluations.

Secure & Interactive
Live Video Platform

Engage in secure and interactive live video interviews through FloCareer’s cutting-edge platform, offering a seamless and protected environment for conducting interviews that guarantees privacy and convenience.

Candidate Experience

Prioritize candidate satisfaction with FloCareer’s delightful experience, creating a positive and engaging atmosphere throughout the interview process, leaving candidates impressed and motivated.

Audit Process

Trust in FloCareer’s robust audit process, ensuring the integrity and fairness of your interviews, with comprehensive checks and measures in place to maintain the highest standards of quality and reliability.

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