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Interview Structure Curation
Expert interview structures are tailored to your specific needs based on the primary skills in your job description. We curate skills-based interview questions from our library of over 50,000 questions, resulting in consistent interviewing and smarter hiring.
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Conduct interviews 24x7x365
Our 4000+ Global FloExperts conduct interviews for you whenever you and your candidates need them.  Interviewers are matched to the job description based on their experience, expertise and availability.
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Prevent Fraudulent
Advanced technology is used on the platform to detect and prevent fraudulent activities, such as lip syncing or impersonation, during interviews.
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Conduct interviews 24x7x365
Our 4000+ Global Software Developers conduct interviews for you whenever you and your candidates need them.  Interviewers are matched to the job description based on their experience, expertise and availability.
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Prevent Fraudulent
Advanced technology is used on the platform to detect and prevent fraudulent activities, such as lip syncing or impersonation, during interviews.
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Our 4000+ Global FloExperts conduct top-notch interviews

FloCareer leverages a community of over 4000 senior technical experts from around the world who work as freelancers to conduct interviews on our live interview platform. These interviewers possess a wealth of technical knowledge and industry experience, enabling them to conduct insightful and effective interviews that help businesses hire the right talent.

Industry-Specific Solutions

By offering a robust remote interview platform, FloCareer streamlines startup hiring, saving resources and speeding up recruitment timelines. With access to a qualified talent pool, startups can leverage FloCareer's technology to attract top-tier candidates and optimize their hiring processes to build high-performing teams that drive growth and success.
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Midsize companies can streamline their hiring process using AI-powered solutions from FloCareer. The platform automates repetitive tasks, saving time and reducing costs. FloCareer minimizes turnover risk by selecting suitable candidates through a data-driven approach. Companies can build a future-ready team with speed and accuracy using FloCareer.
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FloCareer streamlines recruitment for enterprises to hire quickly, smartly and without disruption. Its approach simplifies the process and helps businesses focus on core competencies. With tough competition for top candidates, FloCareer offers an efficient solution to attract and retain talent. Enterprises can rely on FloCareer for effective recruitment.
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Your comprehensive

interview solutions

A platform streamlines remote hiring with innovative interviews, attracting top candidates and reducing resource usage for faster recruitment. Efficiently identify qualified individuals for open positions.
FloCareer acts as an intermediary between candidates and industry professionals, offering a unique recruitment approach. Candidate experience typically exceeds 90%.
FloCareer's expert interviewers use their extensive experience in top global companies to help job seekers improve their interview skills and land their dream job.

Conduct Interviews Intelligently
with FloCareer

FloCareer’s interview as a service platform offers a stress-free hiring experience
with its innovative AI-powered tools and experienced interviewers.

Experience seamless interview structuring with FloCareer's product page, offering customizable interviews, automated scheduling, candidate follow-up, communication, and video integration for a streamlined and efficient hiring process.
Elevate your technical assessments with FloCareer's interactive coding feature, enabling real-time coding challenges and evaluation to identify top talent and assess coding proficiency effectively.
Ensure integrity and fairness in assessments with FloCareer's proctoring capabilities, including whiteboarding, screen sharing, recording, and fraud detection measures, providing a secure and trustworthy environment for online assessments.
Gain valuable insights with FloCareer's comprehensive feedback reports, featuring video recordings, custom branding, and detailed assessments, empowering informed decision-making and enhancing employer branding.
Boost productivity and efficiency through automation with FloCareer's product page, automating various aspects of the hiring process, saving time and resources while ensuring a seamless experience for recruiters and candidates.
Customisable Dashboards
Tailor your hiring analytics and monitoring with FloCareer's customisable dashboards, offering real-time data visualization and actionable insights, allowing you to track key metrics and make data-driven decisions for optimizing your recruitment strategy.

Seamless Interview Process



Candidate profiles are analyzed to identify top talent for a role.



Scheduling of candidate interviews and interviewer availability is automated for efficiency.



Conduct interviews with candidates using our platform with ease.



Recommendations are based on the candidate’s performance metrics and can help recruiters make better-informed decisions

The missing piece to your
hiring puzzle

Experience a Seamless hiring process with our end-to-end
partner ecosystem

Why choose FloCareer?

Largest vetted Interviewer Community
Discover the power of FloCareer's vast and diverse community of expert interviewers, covering a wide range of tech and non-tech skills, providing you with the largest and most comprehensive pool of vetted interviewers available.
and Quality
Experience unmatched consistency and superior quality in your interview process with FloCareer, ensuring standardized and reliable assessments that yield accurate and reliable results.
Largest Question
Access the largest question library offered by FloCareer, equipping you with an extensive repository of interview questions that cater to various domains and roles, ensuring thorough coverage for comprehensive evaluations.
Secure & Interactive Live Video Platform
Engage in secure and interactive live video interviews through FloCareer's cutting-edge platform, offering a seamless and protected environment for conducting interviews that guarantees privacy and convenience.
Delightful Candidate Experience
Prioritize candidate satisfaction with FloCareer's delightful experience, creating a positive and engaging atmosphere throughout the interview process, leaving candidates impressed and motivated.
Audit Process
Trust in FloCareer's robust audit process, ensuring the integrity and fairness of your interviews, with comprehensive checks and measures in place to maintain the highest standards of quality and reliability.
Interview Video
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